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Pittenger Continues Fight for Veterans Deserving of Better Access to Charlotte VA Facilities

Aug 5, 2013
In The News


For a number of veterans, in need of health care services, the number 29 Charlotte Area Transit System bus (CATS) just isn't going the distance.

Congressman Robert Pittenger's office has gotten complaints from some of those who have served the country, and now face health challenges.

"They put their life on the line and we ought to be able to figure this out," he said.

After exiting the bus, they have to walk a fifth of a mile just to make it to the front door of North Charlotte's VA clinic.

Dennis Pinnix is a veteran who understands the hardship.

"For the older guys, that's got problems, it's big problem for them, and if you've got any kind of impediment. It will be a problem for you," Pinnix said.

More difficulties come for those facing two flights of steep stairs.

"A couple of months ago, I did ask them if we could have an engineer take a look at it."

Several weeks ago, the CATS sent staffers to survey the clinic, and Pittenger received a series of aerial photographs of the building and parking lot , along with a letter from Cats CEO Carolyn Flowers that said "CATS cannot safely access the VA Clinic with a 40-foot vehicle."

Pittenger's reply, "We're waiting to see if they will allow an engineer come on the property."

The engineering company that Pittenger is having conversations with is the well known local firm owned and operated by Manny Zapata.

So far, The congressman at this point isn't taking no for an answer.

"It's not over with, we're going to try to get this thing worked out for them," Pittenger said.