Congressman Robert Pittenger

Representing the 9th District of North Carolina
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Pittenger joins bipartisan majority to "Keep Your Health Plan"

Nov 15, 2013
Press Release
November 15, 2013


WASHINGTON – Believing that a promise made should be a promise kept, Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) today joined a strong bipartisan majority, including 39 Democrats, in passing the Keep Your Health Plan Act (H.R. 3350).  This simple, one-page bill provides insurance companies with the legal authority to continue offering existing health plans that don’t meet the minimum standards set by Obamacare.
“So far, 3.5 million Americans have lost their health insurance due to Obamacare, while only 106,000 have been able to sign up for Obamacare policies.  Millions of hardworking Americans are scrambling to find new coverage and facing sticker shock, all because President Obama put politics above common sense,” said Congressman Pittenger.
“Unfortunately, that pattern continues.  Just hours after announcing that Americans should be allowed to keep their health plans, President Obama actually threatened to veto today’s bipartisan legislation, which provides the legal authority to make the changes he announced to the American people!
“This isn’t a game.  Real people are losing their full-time jobs due to Obamacare, real people are seeing their much-needed hours cut due to Obamacare, real people are having their health insurance cancelled, and real people are facing unaffordable increases in their health insurance premiums due to Obamacare. 
“Hardworking Americans don’t need another apology or press conference.  They need results.”
Congressman Pittenger is a strong supporter of common sense, market-based health care reform.  In June, he became the first North Carolina Congressman to co-sponsor H.R. 2300, which would provide health insurance for the needy without forcing you to give up your plan, provide coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, and lower costs by modernizing the insurance marketplace and reforming costly abuses of the malpractice system.