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Representing the 9th District of North Carolina
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Pittenger: Nuclear agreement emboldens Iran and threatens allies

Nov 25, 2013
Press Release
November 25, 2013


WASHINGTON – Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09), Chairman of the Congressional Taskforce on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, today expressed grave concern over the nuclear agreement signed this weekend with Iran.
“Iran has been actively engaged in state-sponsored terrorism for thirty years, and more recently involved in the carnage in Syria through its surrogate Hezbollah,” said Congressman Pittenger.  “Iran has been unrelenting in their call for ‘death to America’ and to Israel.
“Now, President Obama is subjecting Israel, our Arab allies, the United States, and the world to a severely unbalanced agreement allowing Iran to continue producing enriched uranium, a key ingredient for a nuclear bomb, while reducing sanctions and providing a $7 billion reward for apparently outlasting Washington’s resolve.
“President Obama’s ambivalent policies in the volatile Middle East frighten our allies.  While in Israel this August, I asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu if he believes the United States would stand with Israel at its time of need, such as imminent Iranian nuclear deployment.  He responded by talking carefully for several minutes and concluding, ‘I didn’t answer your question, did I?’  I responded, ‘no sir, but I understand.’
“In like manner, a ‘too eager’ diplomatic agreement with North Korea in 1995 has allowed unrestrained nuclear development in that provocative, unstable, terrorist state.
“President Obama appears more interested in changing the subject in a currently disastrous political climate than assuring the United States stands strong against the most assertive threat to world peace, feared by Israel and the Arab nations alike.”
Congressman Pittenger, along with other Members of Congress, expressed his concerns over the proposed agreement to Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer during a private meeting last Thursday.