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Pittenger: President's Weak Foreign Policy Has Emboldened Our Enemies

Sep 10, 2013
Press Release
CONTACT:  Jamie Bowers, 704-619-3288
September 10, 2013
WASHINGTON – Congressman Robert Pittenger (NC-09) issued this statement following President Obama’s address to the Nation on Syria:
“President Obama’s weak and indecisive foreign policy has emboldened our enemies and confused our allies.  The crisis in Syria has been brewing for more than two years while President Obama and his inexperienced team tried to lead from behind.
“Where were the Administration’s calls for international engagement two years ago?  Where was the foreign policy leadership and intense diplomacy that could have resulted in a substantive agreement on Syria’s chemical stockpile, preventing the horrific attack on innocent civilians?
“We should never have allowed Syrian President Assad to reach the point of crossing a ‘line in the sand.’
“Instead, President Obama’s diplomatic inaction has opened the door for Russia to exert even more influence in the volatile Middle East.
“Having just returned from an intense week of meetings with heads of state in the Middle East and our NATO ambassador, I am firmly convinced that American military action against Syria could destabilize the region and draw America into another foreign war.  At this late date, Russia’s proposal might be the best available option, but it is also an indictment of President Obama’s indecisive foreign policy.
“Should this deal move forward, we must ‘trust but verify’ to ensure these chemical weapons are never again used against innocent civilians in Syria, the Middle East, America, and other nations around the world.
“As Chairman of Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, I will continue to closely monitor this situation and advise my colleagues based on my most recent meetings in the Middle East.”